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Allowed Time Spent Practicing

Time Spent Practicing In concern for the welfare of student-athletes the NCAA has set forth limitations on practice times. Some of those general limitations are listed below. Should you feel as though these rules are being violated it is important that you notify the Director of Compliance. All reports will be kept confidential.

What is countable athletically related activity (CARA)?

Required activity with an athletics purpose, involving student-athletes and at the directions of, or supervised by, any member of the coaching staff.

Daily and Weekly Hour Limitations

In Season: CARA is limited to 4 hours per day and 20 hours per week Out of Season: CARA is limited to 8 hours per week, 2 of which can be spent on skill instruction and in football review of game film.

Required Day Off

In Season: Student-athletes must have 1 day off per week from CARA. Out of Season: Student-athletes must have 2 days off per week from CARA. Missed Class Time No student-athlete should miss class time in order to attend practice In team sports no class time should be missed for competition conducted during the non-championship segment.

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