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Nov. 3, 2012High Point (Exhibition)High Point, N.C.Audio Video Stats7 p.m.Recap | Box
Nov. 8, 2012Randolph College (Exhibition)Mars Hill, N.C. Video Stats6 p.m.Recap | Box
Nov. 11, 2012Coca-Cola Tip-off ShowCullowhee, N.C.Audio6:30 p.m.Recap | Box
Nov. 11, 2012Western Carolina (Exhibition)Cullowhee, N.C.Audio Video Stats7 p.m.Recap | Box
Nov. 13, 2012Coca-Cola Tip-off ShowMars Hill, N.C.Audio Video6:30 p.m.Recap | Box
Nov. 13, 2012St. AndrewsMars Hill, N.C.Audio Video Stats105-83 WRecap | Box
Nov. 17, 2012LanderMars Hill, N.C.Audio Video Stats76-86 LRecap | Box
Nov. 20, 2012KingMars Hill, N.C.Audio Video Stats79-103 LRecap | Box
Nov. 29, 2012Coca-Cola Tip-Off ShowMars Hill, N.C.Audio Video6:45 p.m.Recap | Box
Nov. 29, 2012MontreatMars Hill, N.C.Audio Video Stats93-86 WRecap | Box
Dec. 1, 2012Brevard*Brevard, N.C.Audio Stats90-91 LRecap | Box
Dec. 3, 2012LanderGreenwood, S.C. Stats80-103 LRecap | Box
Dec. 15, 2012LimestoneGaffney, S.C. Video Stats84-89 LRecap | Box
Dec. 18, 2012Belmont AbbeyMars Hill, N.C.Audio Video Stats70-80 LRecap | Box
Jan. 2, 2013PfeifferMisenheimer, N.C. Stats76-67 WRecap | Box
Jan. 5, 2013Newberry*Newberry, S.C.Audio Video Stats72-113 LRecap | Box
Jan. 9, 2013Lincoln Memorial*Mars Hill, N.C.Audio Video Stats58-86 LRecap | Box
Jan. 12, 2013Wingate*Mars Hill, N.C.Audio Video Stats65-89 LRecap | Box
Jan. 16, 2013Carson-Newman*Mars Hill, N.C.Audio Video Stats70-93 LRecap | Box
Jan. 19, 2013Tusculum*Greeneville,Tenn.Audio Stats84-86 LRecap | Box
Jan. 23, 2013Catawba*Salisbury, N.C.Audio Video Stats64-81 LRecap | Box
Jan. 26, 2013Lenoir-Rhyne*Mars Hill, N.C.Audio Video Stats67-80 LRecap | Box
Jan. 30, 2013Newberry*Mars Hill, N.C.Audio Video Stats75-88 LRecap | Box
Feb. 2, 2013Anderson*Anderson, S.C.Audio Video Stats64-86 LRecap | Box
Feb. 6, 2013Lincoln Memorial*Harrogate, Tenn.Audio Video Stats75-107 LRecap | Box
Feb. 9, 2013Brevard*Mars Hill, N.C.Audio Video Stats73-76 LRecap | Box
Feb. 13, 2013Carson-Newman*Jefferson City, Tenn.Audio Video Stats59-91 LRecap | Box
Feb. 16, 2013Wingate*Wingate, N.C.Audio Stats72-120 LRecap | Box
Feb. 20, 2013Catawba*Mars Hill, N.C.Audio Video Stats87-88 LRecap | Box
Feb. 23, 2013Tusculum*Mars Hill, N.C.Audio Stats76-72 WRecap | Box
Feb. 27, 2013Lenoir-Rhyne*Hickory, N.C.Audio Video Stats68-82 LRecap | Box
Mar. 2, 2013Anderson*Mars Hill, N.C.Audio Video Stats66-84 LRecap | Box
Mar. 6, 2013SAC TournamentTBARecap | Box
Mar. 9, 2013SAC TournamentTBARecap | Box
Mar. 10, 2013SAC TournamentTBARecap | Box

Record: 4-22 (1-17 conference)

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